Job description: Founder of Otterbeck, I am the problem solver of the team, so not involved in the day to day running but working out how to get around some of the problems that we have faced so far. Developing Otterbeck Distillery and Cotton Gin with Nic and Alexa has been great fun and a hugely rewarding experience.


Favourite drink other than Cotton Gin?

I love a cold beer after a blue sky day skiing in the sunshine, that combination always makes me smile. 

My preferred serve of Cotton Gin is with light tonic and a slice of fresh grapefruit I love the way the grapefruit intensifies the freshness of our gin.


What did you do before Otterbeck?

I still am an engineer and have worked as a structural engineer most of my career. I currently work in the insurance industry, helping people who’s homes or business premises suffer a structural failure.


What do you like to do on your day off?

As I’m not in the distillery every day, I love being there on my day off, or going on dog walk with Nic chatting through what’s gone on in the week.


Cake or Pie?

This question is easy, cake every time I love cake, especially chocolate cake.